8 Signs Your Commercial Plumbing Needs an Upgrade

A plumbing system of a commercial facility is in constant use, day after day and week after week. It is because of this, it’s unavoidable for problems to emerge related to plumbing in Red Deer.

Commercial plumbers can arrange to re-pipe part or all of your building to ensure that your plumbing will operate its best for customers and clients and require few repairs in the future.

Read below for the warning signs regarding if your plumbing system needs an upgrade. You must contact the best plumbers in Lacombe to fix your piping system.

Signs to Look Out for a Plumbing System Upgrade:

Commercial Plumbing Needs an Upgrade

Weak Water Volume and Pressure

You know it’s time for an overdue refurbishment when your water pressure or the water volume is shockingly low. While it’s common for the pressure to decline with time, low pressure can suggest anything more catastrophic like a total blockage, rusting pipes, or even a leak. For a more accurate assessment, contact a professional plumber or HVAC contractor in Lacombe, AB for an examination.

Water Discoloration

If you observe that the water from faucets and other taps in the building is developing a rusty-red tint, the problem may arise from corrosion in the pipes.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets waste water and contribute to high water bills. A leaking faucet that leaks at a rate of one drop per second will waste 1,400 gallons of water each year. One technique to reduce these leaks is to verify that all of your faucets are securely fastened.

Water Stains on the Ceilings or Walls

The presence of brown stains or marks on the walls or ceilings of your building is a clear indication of a more serious issue. Typically, water stains are caused by a leak in your plumbing system in Red Deer.

Foul Odors

The presence of unpleasant or foul scents emanating from plumbing fixtures may indicate an obstruction in the sewer vent stack. Fortunately, routine plumbing repair can prevent gas-related severe problems, but you should still be aware of any odor changes near drains and other plumbing fixtures.

Old Pipe Material

Pipes’ durability is dependent on the materials used in their construction. Supply pipes are frequently subject to a higher pressure than drain pipes, making them more susceptible to damage. Frequent plumbing repairs fromthe best plumbers in Lacombe can prevent deterioration and potential breakdowns, but ultimately it will need to be replaced.

Poor Drainage

Clogs are prevalent in plumbing, from bathtubs and toilets to indoor and outdoor faucets. Some of these obstructions can be dislodged with a plunger and some effort. However, if you cannot clear them with a plunger or there is a persistent clog, you should contact a plumber.

Gurgling Noises

A common plumbing problem symptom is when a sink emits unusual gurgling noises, indicating a system backup. Laundry machines, dishwashers, sinks, and sump pumps are among commercial plumbing items that are likely to emit gurgling noises.


Do not ignore the symptoms that your plumbing structures are displaying. Contact your HVAC contractor in Lacombe, AB or discuss with your commercial plumber or about the potential of performing renovations as an alternative to constant repairs. 

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