Air Conditioning Services In Red Deer, AB

Air Conditioning Services In Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, AB and Surrounding Areas


We service & install Air Conditioners to keep you comfortable throughout the year!

The air conditioner may seem like a simple appliance that only needs installation and repair. Still, there are various services your AC needs, as even installation and repair have a vast process involved in it. 

Before getting to the AC services, one of the problems we all face with the AC maintenance is finding a reliable AC Service Company. Bruin’s plumbing and heating Ltd. solved this dilemma for all those who live in Red Deer, Alberta. We provide top-quality AC installation and AC repair in Red Deer, Alberta.


We’ll quote a price to you up-front, so you’ll know exactly what your repairs will cost before work begins…

  1. UPON YOUR APPROVAL: Our fully-qualified service technician will conduct a complete evaluation to locate the exact cause of your problem.
  2. NEXT: Our technician will quote you a price to complete the work.
  3. THEN: The repairs will be completed. No worries about hourly charges or trips back to the shop for extra parts. You will pay the pre-approved price.
  4. FINALLY: Before leaving your home we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work we have performed for you!

Note: Time and material billing may apply in some circumstances, please discuss with your technician or contact the office for details.

Air Conditioning Services In Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, AB and Surrounding Areas

We stand proudly behind the work of our fully trained, safety certified and fully bondable tradespeople, offering top-quality workmanship & full manufacturers’ warranties.

AC Services that all the AC System Owners Need:

  • AC installation 
  • AC servicing 
  • AC repair
  • Replacement 
  • AC Inspection
The last three points mentioned above are somehow related to AC servicing, which means annual AC servicing is the requirement of all the AC owners.

Advantages of Going for AC Servicing:

You will need to call the technician whenever you face any issue with your AC. It can be a foul smell, loud noise, or short cycling. Delay in AC inspection will provide your AC with more time to get more damaged.

You will get to know if your AC needs replacement. The parts replaced on time will improve the overall performance of your AC. The pros of ac servicing are:

  • No disturbance because of smell or sound
  • Satisfactory electricity bills
  • It saves money on too many repairs or replacement need
  • Beneficial to environment
  • Provides air that doesn’t harm

Tips for the Maintenance of AC

  • You can do some things for the maintenance of your AC unit Clean the drain lines and outdoor unit often
  •  Keep the area near indoor and outdoor units free of any obstacle 
  • Cover your AC outdoor unit during heavy rainfall and snowfall 
  • Try resetting the thermostat when the circuit breaker trips
  •  Scheduled servicing every year 

Bruin’s plumbing and heating will take away all your worries. From AC installation in Red Deer, Albertato its maintenance, you can trust us for help. We are skilled HVAC contractors. 

We have over 5-decade long experience. “The bear that cares” is our tagline and our mission. This bear takes care of the comfort of everyone in Red Deer. Schedule service and let us provide you with 100% satisfaction.


Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, Bruin’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd. provides a level of workmanship and quality of product that will instill you with confidence.

Starter Home… Condominium… Townhouse… or Executive Mansion, the home of your dreams will be completed with the care and attention to detail that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Use a timer of a few hours for the AC
  • Keep air filters clean
  • Prevent refrigerant leakage, whether it is ducted or ductless AC in Red Deer, Alberta
  • Install a smart thermostat 


An air conditioning specialist has all the skills required for the installation, maintenance, inspection, repair, and replacement of an AC.

Air conditioning service is a must for the enhanced functioning of your AC. In addition, it prevents your AC from being dead before the warranty period.

  • Refrigerant leakage
  •  Irritating sounds 
  • Unbearable odor
  •  Inefficient thermostat 
  • Circuit breaker tripping 
  • Blockage due to dirt

It would help if you had air conditioner servicing twice every year. The servicing also depends on the condition of your AC.

  • Could you turn it off before cleaning? 
  • Replace the AC filter. If the filter is washable, wash it
  • Unscrew AC side panels to clean the condenser coil, and use a brush or nozzle hose for cleaning. 
  • Remove the debris from the condenser. 

Now put back the panel. Once the washed parts are arid, test your AC

  • A noise blanket can be installed with the help of a technician 
  • Schedule timely AC maintenance service 
  • Shrubs plantation will act as a sound barrier, keep it pruned to prevent the accumulation of debris 
  • Build a fence surrounding the condenser unit to prevent noise

Go for AC repair in Red Deer, Alberta.



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